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Our Location

Rooted in central Cornwall and over-the-hill from the dramatic North Cornish coast, Callestick Farm is nestled in the charming countryside. Our farm and the wider landscape is a patch-work of fields and meadows, intersected by woodland and wetlands which are teeming with wildlife.

The farm surrounds the Ventongimps Moor nature reserve, a 20 acre mosaic of heath, woodland and wetland ponds, noted for dragon and damselflies. It has been designated a site of special scientific interest (SSSI) for several decades and is carefully managed by Cornwall Wildlife Trust. It sits close to the Chyverton and Five Acre reserves which are also managed by CWT.

Callestick farm engine house

The farm has an even mix of higher and lower areas. The lower areas are intersected by a small stream and the higher areas are dominated by the remains of a medieval fortress. With slightly nearer history, there are the remnants of Cornwall’s rich mining history, a series of mine workings and commanding engine houses lie from across the valley which date the from mid nineteenth century.

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