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Our Farmland

Our small farm is home to about three hundred cows that are at the heart of everything we do here at Callestick Farm. So we have them to thank for the fresh, creamy milk that makes our ice cream so delicious.

Our Herd

Our cows have a relaxed way of life, as we recognise that the healthiest and happiest cows produce the best quality milk. They roam the pastures at Callestick Farm as they please and return to the dairy only once a day for milking, then it is piped next-door to the ice creamery – where we take expert care to produce truly amazing ice cream.

Our pampered herd are fair weather animals, spending the summer months grazing the meadow pastures and happily returning to shelter in the gloomy depths of winter.

Sam Parker tending to the herd

Our Land

Callestick Farm isn’t just home to our farm animals. Thanks to the lovely natural Cornish hedgerows, we provide a habitat for a host of wildlife, from mice and birds to spiders and worms, they are all residents of Callestick Farm and we make sure to leave a margin around all of our fields so that neither we, nor our cows disturb them!

Aside from our lovely surrounding pattern of pastures, we also have our very own natural spring with bubbling cool, fresh water. Because of these wonderful resources, we look after our land just as well as we look after our animals. It’s so important to us as a Cornish family and business to preserve the natural landscape for generations to come.

The Parker family and the herdAs with all good dairy farms, the welfare of our cows is something we really care about. To show our dedication, the farm (and our ice cream) is Red Tractor approved – checked annually by official inspectors to ensure our herd and farm is in the best condition possible.

Green Credentials

As so much of our way of life relies on our environment, making the farm sustainable and environmentally friendly was a no brainer. From cow to cone, we try to make everything as green as possible.

We used to keep only 90 cows at the farm, which would be milked twice a day, fed silage and barley to maintain their busy lives, with each cow producing 7,500 litres of milk per year. Nowadays, we have 300 cows, milked once a day and eating fresh grass for 9 months of the year and each producing only 3,500 litres every year. This shift to traditional methods provides us with better quality milk but also reduces our carbon footprint per litre of milk.

milking the cows at Callestick

We have made other investments on the farm, like solar panels which power our freezers, and in 2014 we installed a bio-mass boiler which heats the ice creamery, tea room, offices and the farm house. We use wood felled on the farm which has eliminated our reliance on fossil fuels for heating.

Callestick Farm and it's environment

As you can see, we really pride ourselves on how much we care about our planet and we consider the environment in every aspect of our way of life. If you would like to know more then please do contact us. 

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