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Why it’s So Good

Why is it that Callestick Farm Ice Cream tastes so uniquely lovely? Let us enlighten you. Aside from being made in the lovely Cornish countryside, by caring local hands, there are a couple of other factors that make our ice cream so delicious.

Our lovely grass fed herd has a lot to do with it, as their milk produces so many more beneficial vitamins and minerals than fodder fed animals. Although we aren’t claiming that our ice cream is good for you, it’s certainly healthier than most things that you’ll find in supermarkets!

 milking the cows at Callestick

However, the main reason for our ice cream’s greatness is the type of cream that we turn the milk into. Clotted cream is a renowned Cornish treasure, and while it’s lovely with jam and scones, we think it’s even lovelier mixed with a host of other flavours and popped into a tub or onto a cone! Clotted cream is a much denser, richer cream than most, which gives it a more concentrated flavour in the ice cream. We, like our customers, think this differentiation is key to creating the tastiest ice cream around!

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