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How it’s made

Our top-notch milk arrives fresh into the ice creamery each day from the dairy, and the process of making our champion ice cream begins…

The milk first flows into the heating tank, where we add all the other key ingredients such as cream and sugar. We then homogenise the mixture to give it the smooth, silky consistency, before it is pumped into the second vat to be pasteurised. It is then cooled quickly, the delicious flavours added and left to infuse overnight. The following morning, things start to take shape – ice cream mix flows into ‘the freezer’, and our fresh, scrumptious ice cream comes out!

Making Callestick farm Ice cream

Once it’s finished freezing, we’ll add any fruit, fudge, or chocolate chunks, before filling into tubs, ready for our customers to enjoy! Simple!

All our ice cream is made to the highest hygiene and quality standards possible.

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